About Megan

In my mid thirties, providing a practical, safe and nurturing environment where many people from all walks of life may heal, slow down, experience direct revelation and become self empowered without the use of language or restrictions from language, became my passion and focus. Cocoon Floatation is the result.

Expanding on my 7.5 years of operating Cocoon, I’m particularly interested in using my skills of intuition, humour, healing and devotion to empower others and to support those evolutionary beings committed to working on inner excellence.

I’ve had the honour of nurturing and holding space for conscious change makers including Russell Brand, The Sea Shepherd (Sam Simon) and John Butler. As examples of vessels of love doing great work in the world, I wish to expand on investing in people saying yes to life and work more closely with those evolutionary creative warriors who are grounded, hold empathy and respect creation.

Slice of where I’ve come from

Growing up I was fortunate to be enveloped in nature and I spent a lot of time in water. Rivers, Basins and Oceans. I was an intuitive child and experienced unusual phenomena in my material world that became quite matter of fact from an early age.

I left home and school at 16 and moved to Wollongong to study Community Welfare. It was pre internet and I was a seeker. I found the Antiquarian Perey’s Books and their great spiritual and esoteric section. Books such as The Tibetan Book of the Dead was like finding gold at the end of the rainbow.

Still in my teens I held an unhelpful drug addiction that ended after I became agoraphobic and had panic attacks. I worked through this and then became a nurse and travelled overseas to various countries for work.

Energetic Rising

Early thirties I went through an unpleasant spontaneous inner energetic rising experience via a car accident. This resulted in instant physical pain that lasted for years while stored emotions from my traumas bubbled to the surface to be healed. In balance with that was metaphysical experiences and initiations in nonordinary reality. I was unable to work or function well in the material world and I didn’t understand what was happening for me thus sat in confusion most of the time.

I had an out of body experience and travelled to an elder in spirit. Because of this experience, I felt I could go to them and would be heard. I went and they laughed at me in a relatable ‘I understand’ way and told me to keep going. This was all I needed. It validated I was experiencing a truth and I am now in my second decade or 2nd year apprenticeship of devotion and exploration. While nature was and is my first true teacher, I went on to find human teachers and trained with various shamanic practitioners such as Tom Cowan and travelled around the globe to landscape temples and sacred sites for initiations, which I still do today.

Where I’m at

I discovered Gene Keys and began contemplating and working with my current mentor in early 2020. From making this choice, I have witnessed phenomenal results within transforming my shadow aspects into higher frequency gift states while deconditioning.

A big focus for me has been seeing where the stem of unhealthy relationships began in my life and rewiring beliefs planted through trauma. Coming out of manipulation and brain washing on the micro, also means being aware of the parallel playing out in the macro. It means joining many more dots and fearlessly facing reality head on as opposed to living in fantasy. If we choose reality while not spiritually and emotionally bypassing, then we become evolutionary.

Join me.